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Is a Vacation Rental Property in Tokyo Right for You?

Japan’s capital is a forever innovating, unique blend of ultra-modern and ancient tradition. Even within the limited space of this packed cityscape, there is always something new to see. As woven into the ultra-modernity of Tokyo is a reverence towards traditional Japanese culture. All of which is set to the imposing backdrop of the natural wonder, Mount Fuji.

Where to stay in Tokyo

Shinjuku epitomizes the Tokyo you expect. The neon signs, busy streets, and crowded shopping malls that enticed you to Japan. Whilst Ginza offers a convenient base for shoppers of all price ranges and convenient transport links to major attractions. Shibuya, meanwhile, offers an area for families and young adults to enjoy. Expect a quieter, slower pace of life compared to other areas in Tokyo. Notable mention must also go to Tokyo Station and Asakusa.

Top things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo offers visitors a wide range of activities to enjoy. From shopping in Harajuku, to enjoying the nightlife of the ever popular Roppongi district. While Tokyo also offers plenty of historical sites for visitors to explore. Just make sure to experience the mercurial Meiji Shrine, located in Shibuya’s Yoyogi Park, and the towering Tokyo Imperial Palace in Chiyoda. If you don't want to ascend Mt. Fuji, the next best thing is Mt. Tenjo beside Kawaguchi Lake. A short cable car ride away, you are rewarded to exceptional views of Mt. Fuji in the distance.

Transport in Tokyo

Tokyo boasts Japan’s most expansive transportation network. Including an urban railway, which is the most expansive of its kind in the world. You will find the trains and subways to be generally clean and efficient. Whilst the city also boasts an effective bus and tram system for those more remote destinations. You can always hail a cab for those shorter journeys.

Natural attractions in Tokyo

Tokyo can come across as an urban jungle. Yet the city takes great pride in its natural attractions. If you're visiting in the spring, head to Ueno Park. For every spring Ueno Park plays host to the breath-takingly beautiful cherry blossoms. While you're there, explore the nearby National Museum of Nature and Science. Where you will learn about the origins of not only Tokyo, but also the globe.

What to eat in Tokyo?

There are several places to look out for if you want to try the most delicious food Tokyo has to offer. Locals consider Sushi Sho to serve the best sushi in the world. Although given the stellar reputation, you will need to book well in advance. Whilst those with a special affinity for seafood will want to also check out the Tsukiji fish market. 'Tonkatsu,' meanwhile, is a pork cutlet dish that is hugely popular among locals. So for the best Tonkatsu in town, Tonkatsu Wako near Tokyo Station is the place to go.

Family vacations in Tokyo

Looking for a few things to do that will entertain the young ones? Ueno Zoo is the oldest, and most popular zoo in Japan, boasting many exotic animals including pandas, Asian elephants, and Sumatran tigers. If the kids prefer amusement parks, Tokyo DisneySea may just be the perfect choice. DisneySea allows children to step into the Disney movies they love. From Aladdin to the Little Mermaid, they are going to be captivated. You can find the DisneySea within the greater Tokyo Disney Resort.