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Hong Kong

Kowloon Bay

Is Renting a Holiday Apartment in Hong Kong Right for you?

Hong Kong is a land of beautiful paradoxes, a place where cutting-edge modernity meets centuries of tradition. It’s designated as a Special Administrative Region of China, yet retains its unique and independent identity, while a history of colonialism brings a vibrant clash of East and West to its cultural attractions. Whilst away from the skyscrapers of Central, the city gives way to rolling mountains and verdant islands.

Where to Stay on your Vacation to Hong Kong?

Currently HomeAway has over 1000 holiday apartments listings in Hong Kong, so we understand that it can be a little difficult to judge just exactly where is best to set-up camp on your trip to Hong Kong. Whilst most visitors may jump into the Central life, and the plethora of restaurants, bars, and activities that accompany it, a vacation rental here may not be necessarily right for you. Across Hong Kong Island, over the water to Kowloon, and deep into the ever expanding beauty of the new territories; you will be able to find a holiday rental property that suits your needs and interests.

Getting Around Town

Hong Kong is perhaps on if the easiest, and quickest, places to get around. The MTR (Mass Transit Railway) offers visitors clean, cheap, and efficient travel across (almost) the entirety of Hong Kong. Whilst for harder to reach locations, or just for a different means of getting about town, Hong Kong is staffed by a network of cheap and reliable bus, mini bus, tram, ferry and taxi services. Just remember that the red taxis serve Hong Kong island, the green taxis Kowloon side and New Territories, and if you find yourself in a blue taxi, chances are you are heading to Lantau island.

Things to Do on a Holiday to Hong Kong

On a vacation to Hong Kong there are a number of activities you are sure to want to experience. As no trip to Hong Kong is complete without first having sailed on the Star Ferry from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui, watched a horse race in Happy Valley, and navigated Hong Kong island using the tram or “Ding Ding.” Also make sure to head to one of Hong Kong’s many interactive museums including the Museum of History, the Science Museum and the Space Museum.

Places to Visit on Holiday in Hong Kong

The best part about renting a holiday apartment in Hong Kong is that, no matter where you are located, you are likely to find yourself very close to one of Hong Kong’s popular tourist destinations. Whether it’s the rides and thrills of Ocean Park near Aberdeen, enjoying the splendid views of Hong Kong’s skyline atop Victoria Peak, or flocking to see the “Big Buddha” in Lantau, a vacation in Hong Kong is one the whole family are sure to enjoy.

Natural Attractions in Hong Kong

Whilst Hong Kong appears at first glance to be a maze of high rise skyscrapers, nature, and great natural beauty, can be found both within, and outside, of the city. Hong Kong Park and Victoria Park offer expansive greenery with which to relax or partake in a game of basketball or tennis as takes your fancy. Or join Hong Kong locals and tourists alike on the many hiking trails that snake around the surrounding mountains.

What (and Where) to Eat in Hong Kong?

When it comes to food lovers, Hong Kong is your best friend! With both a cultural propensity for amazing food, including the famous Hong Kong dim sum, the city also embraces its colonial past with a plethora of world class restaurants serving food either authentic to, or inspired by, dishes from around the world.

Family Vacations to Hong Kong

Whilst Hong Kong may be more known for big business, busy bars, and the high life, it is also incredibly family friendly. From theme park wonderlands like Ocean Park and Disneyland, to trampoline parks like RISE, children and young families are sure to love their vacation to Hong Kong.